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Tracey Tidball-Zapp - Personal Training & Lifestyle Management - Somerset

Buddy Training
Buddy Training is a new service we offer. It allows the opportunity for clients to train with friends while sharing the cost of personal training

How Buddy Training Works
You book a personal trainer for 2-3 times a week at shared cost

Why would we need a trainer ?
Buddy Training gives you affordable access to training supervised by a fully qualified and insured personal trainer. Without a trainer who would set the right programme for you?

What will happen during a 'Buddy Training' session ?
During Buddy Training you can expect the personal trainer to:

~ Monitor your progress
~ Check and teach correct technique and posture
~ Train you at the right level
~ Set realistic goals
~ Teach you the safe way to train alone
~ Provide you with positive feedback
~ Tailor your programme to suit your time schedule

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